Western Australia South Coast Trip 2014

23/08/2014 to 30/08/2014

We haven’t thought about Western Australia trip until one day I bought cheap tickets from JetStar to Perth and back. This was our first Western Australia trip (hope, that it won’t be the last one)), so we decided to visit Western Australia's South Coast.

Our intial plan for one week in late August 2014 was like this:

Day 1: Arrive to Perth, buy some food and necessary stuff, heat the road to Hyden. Things to see: Wave Rock, Tin Horse Highway, salt lakes.
Day 2: Hyden - Esperance. Things to see: sea lion on a beach, Great Ocean Drive + Pink Lake.
Day 3: Esperance - Cape Le Grand National Park. Things to see: white-sand beaches with kangaroos, Frenchman Peak
Day 4: Esperance - Albany. Things to see: Mount Clarence lookout, Torndirrup National Park + The Gap and Natural Bridge, Porongurup National Park + Sky Walk, wildflowers.
Day 5: Albany - Pemberton. Things to see: Denmark + Elephant Rocks, Walpole + The Valley of the Giants,, Karri Forest Explorer near Pemberton
Day 6: Pemberton - Margaret River. Things to see: caves, Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park, Lighthouse in Augusta
Day 7: Margaret River - Perth. Things to see: Busselton + Busselton Jetty, Bunker Bay, stromatolites.
Day 8: Perth Zoo.

In fact, due to unpredictable storms near Albany, Augusta and Margaret River, we had to change our itinerary to get the following:

Day 1: Arrived to Perth. Way to Hyden. Wildflowers, Dogs Cemetery.
Day 2: Hyden - Esperance. Wave Rock in the morning, then way to Esperance with some adventures.
Day 3: Esperance - Cape Le Grand National Park. Great Ocean Drive + Pink Lake, white-sand beaches, Frenchman Peak
Day 4: Cape Le Grand National Park - Esperance - Fitzgerald River National Park - Albany. Stonehenge model, wildflowers.
Day 5: Albany - Stirling Ranges National Park - Porongurup National Park - Albany. Bluff Knoll, Skywalk
Day 6: Albany - Denmark - Pemberton. Mount Clarence lookout, Torndirrup National Park + The Gap and Natural Bridge, Elephant Rocks near Denmark, Bicentennial Tree.
Day 7: Pemberton - Augusta - Margaret River - Perth. Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse, Calgardup Cave.
Day 8: Perth Zoo.

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